Projects aimed at development and safe use of the Internet. It is an administrator of .SU domain until July 31, 2020.

About the Foundation and .SU domain

On the 19th of September 1990 SUUG Association registered SU top-level domain to use it within territory of the USSR. Today the Foundation for Internet Development perform functions of .SU domain administrator: accreditation of registrars, development of regulating documents, maintain of functioning and development of .SU domain.
The Foundation for Internet Development implements research, education, information and awareness-raising projects aimed at development of the Internet, study of its effect on users, achievement of digital competence, and safe use of the Internet. Our mission is to facilitate development of the Internet as an open platform for social, education, scientific, and economic innovations.


Our projects

Full list of projects
Researches of the Foundation

Researches of using digital technologies by children and adults have been conducted since 2007.

Children in the Information Society Magazine

Quarterly magazine intended for teachers, psychologists, and their parents. It has been published since 2009.

Educational projects

Educational programs aimed at increase of digital competence for different categories of Internet users

Kids Online Help Line

Free Russian national service of telephone and online advising intended for children and adults for problems of safe use of the Internet.

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