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In 2009 the Fund Internet Development initiated holding the Safer Internet Year in Russia

Safer Internet Year in Russia

The Fund Internet Development initiated establishing of a Russian Organizing Committee to prepare and hold the Safer Internet Year in Russia. On February 10, 2009 in Moscow, on the International Safer Internet Day, a number of organizations of Internet community and companies operating in the field of information communications declared their intention to unite their efforts in holding the Safer Internet Year in Russia (February 2009 to February 2010). The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media (ref. No. ISch-P11-1537 dated 30.03.2009) supported this initiative.

To hold the Safer Internet Year in Russia the Russian Organizing Committee was established. Representatives of virtually all leading public, non-profit and other organizations activity of which is connected with Internet development entered this committee.

The main objective of the Organizing Committee was to develop practical mechanisms, ways and methods of safe use of the Internet in Russia through implementation of a comprehensive program of events, research and educational projects held by interested public and non-profit organizations in cooperation with public and local authorities.

Over 100 organizations implementing various social projects and programs related to guaranteeing the safer Internet for users, in particular, for children and youth, developing technological products (content filters, antivirus programs), providing services of ensuring safe access to the Internet joined the initiatives of the Year of the Safe Internet in Russia.

Within scopes of the Safer Internet Year in Russia a Russian Safe Internet Forum was organized in Russia. Later it became the annual Russian conference uniting all users of the Network: experts of the field, teachers and other education workers, public officers, legislators and law enforcement officers, researchers and bloggers.

Due to vigorous activity within the Year it was managed to draw attention of general public to this problem and to increase awareness of adults and children about issues of safe use of the Internet.

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