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Worked from 2009 to 2020 Kids Online Help Line, free Russian Service of Telephone and Online Counseling for children and adults on problems of Internet safe use

Kids Online Help Line

Kids Online help line is unique in Russia services of telephone and online counseling that provides psychological and information support to children and teenagers who faced different problems on the Internet.

Kids Online help line was created in 2009 within scopes of the Safer Internet Year in Russia with support of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. Target audience is children, teenagers, parents, and educators.

Experts – psychologists of the Foundation Internet Development and graduates of the Psychology Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University – provide assistance through Kids Online help line.

Experts of the help line developed technologies and methods of providing psychological and information assistance for problems of safe use of the Internet; a training program for online advisers has been developed; information portal where electronic messages are accepted twenty-four-hour, was developed; database of received addresses was created; regular supervision of employees is held to increase quality of their work.

In view of shortage of objective data the help line is one of few reliable and accurate sources of information about a range of online threats and their evolution, as well as influence of information technologies on health and development of children and teenagers. Number of addresses to the help line is increasing every year. This fact proves that such service is in-demand of the society, and further this need will be only increasing.

Kids Online help line service is included in a database of a unified federal hot line number for children, teenagers, and their parents.

Kids Online help line is supported by MTS Group of Companies and MCTN OJSC.

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