Projects of the Foundation

Education and upbringing is the best way to prevent Internet risks. The Foundation develops education programs intended to increase digital competes of users. Quality of the programs is guaranteed by a unique scientific background, long-term experience of research, methodological, and practical work.

To the Internet All Ages Yield Surrender Educational project

To the Internet All Ages Yield Surrender, Educational Project, is a result of a joint project implemented by MTS Group and the Foundation for Internet Development aimed at facilitation of social adaptation of senior people to the new Internet environments, overcoming of information isolation and barriers in communication with representatives of other generations.

Mission of this project is to reduce a ‘digital gap’ among representatives of different generations due to transfer of Internet experience skills from expert users to beginners.

The program includes a series of flash lessons goal of which is to teach senior people to use the Internet for the purposes of solving everyday life problems, and to popularize modern information technologies and useful online services among representatives of the older generation.

In 2012 employees of the Foundation tried out the program using facilities of the Moscow City Telephone Network. In October of the same year in premises of the Moscow City Telephone Network several training facilities for older people were opened in the capital city. For 2012 to 2013 over 1 thousand of Moscow residents completed training in the MCTN and gained skills of using the Internet and registered at a public services portal.

MTS jointly with Generation Bridge Charitable Fund opened Internet classes in Moscow at National Health League pavilion within territory of the All-Russian Exhibition Center, and in Kazan. For a year over 700 people who are members of Barhatniy Sezon (Mellow Season) Senior People Club completed training at the All-Russian Exhibition Center. MTS and the Foundation plan to create joint educational classes for senior people in some other cities of the country.

Since the beginning of 2013 within scopes of To the Internet All Ages Yield Surrender, Project, courses have been opened and classes have been held in Samara region, Obninsk of Kaluga region, Saint Petersburg, Tula, Perm Territory, Kemerovo, Kirov, and Amur region, Kamchatka and Sakhalin. Within their scopes senior people were taught to use the Internet. In general, in 2012 – 2013 over 5 thousand people completed training within the Internet All Ages Yield Surrender Program.

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