About the Foundation

Supervisory Board of the Foundation

According to the Foundation Charter, activity of the Foundation shall be controlled by the Supervisory Board of the Foundation.

Members of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation

Member of the Supervisory Board — Guriev Marat

Director of SAMSUNG Government Programs, President of Internet Operator Union.

M. Guriev graduated from Moscow Energy Institute in 1969, completed a postgraduate training program of Kyiv Cybernetics Institute and took his doctor’s degree in 1975; 1988—1990 — Deputy Head of an Administrative Authority for Science and Engineering of Moscow City Executive Committee; 1990—1993 — Deputy Chairman of Government Office for Science and Higher School Affairs of the RSFSR, Deputy Chairman of a Committee for Higher School; 1993—1994 — Deputy Head of an Analytical Center for Special Presidential Programs of the Presidential Executive Office.

From the very onset of the Internet in the country М. Guriev dealt with introduction of information technologies in education. From 1994 to 1998 Guriev is a manager of the Information and Technical Center for Analytical Developments of the Presidential Executive Office. М. Guriev is Chairman of the Foundation of Civic Initiative on Internet Policy. Guriev has doctor’s degree, professor.

Members of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation — Platonov Alexey

Platonov is Director of the Russian Institute for Public Networks (RosNIIROS).

Alexey Platonov graduated from National Research Nuclear University with major in theoretical nuclear physics. He is a Candidate of Physics and Mathematics. Platonov is the First Executive Director of Relarn Association. Platonov is a member of collegium of the Ministry for Communications and Mass Media of the RF. He is Kurchatov prize winner. In 2009 Alexey Platonov was awarded a Certificate of Honour of the Ministry for Communications and Mass Media of the RF.

Member of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation — Burkov Dmitriy

Member of RIPE NCC Board.

In 1988 Burkov jointly with other experts was awarded a diploma of the Council of Ministers of the USSR for development of DEMOS operating system, analogue of UNIX, the first genuinely network operating system. Later he became one of founders of Demos company. In 1992-1996 he was a member of Board of Directors of Relcom JSC. With his direct involvement Russia stated to join such organizations as EUnet, RIPE, and CIX. Dmitry Burkov was at the forefront in establishing of the first in Russia traffic exchange point – Moscow Internet Exchange (MSK-IX), 1995 – and Relarn Association, 1994.

Since 2006 Burkov is a member of board of Regional Internet Registration Authority, RIPE NCC. He is also an organizing committee member of a Forum of Eurasia Network Operator Group (ENOG), and a ISOC member – Internet Society. D. Burkov is one of representatives of the web community participating in ceremonies of key generation and signing DNS root zone (TCR – Trusted Community representative – crypto officer of the Western Center). Before 2010 Dmitry Burkov was a member of RU Domain Coordination Center Council.

D. Burkov is one of ‘Internet pioneers’ in Russia. He has huge experience and a great number of contacts among acknowledged Russian and international experts in the field.

Associated Member of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation — Jaap Akkerhuis

Research engineer of NLnet Labs Group. This group focuses on IT researches and developments. To introduce them integration of theory and practical methods is required.

After Jaap had got a degree in electric engineering, he worked in the Netherlands at the Mathematics Center (today known as Center for Mathematics and Informatics). His activity played an important role in establishing the Internet in the Netherlands and in Europe in general in the 1980ies. Then Jaap continued his work in the USA where during seven years he was carrying out researches at Information Technology Center of CMU), mt Xinu (Berkeley, CA) and AT&T Bell Labs (Murray Hill, NJ).

In the Netherlands Jaap worked as a technical expert in different organizations, including a registration authority of .NL top-level domain. Jaap was a coach at technical workshops organized by Internet Society, ISOC, international professional organization for country code Top-Level Domains, ccTLD. As a user of UNIX systems, Jaap participated in activity of EUUG and USERNIX European communities, and Soviet UNIX User’s Group (SUUG) during a period of its establishing.

Today Jaap actively works in various fields connected with development of the Internet and participates in operation of leading expert committees, in particular, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. He is also a co-chairman of working groups of Regional Internal Registration Authority (RIPE - Réseaux IP Européens) and Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), member of International Standardization Organization (ISO).