About the Foundation

Council of the Foundation

According to the Charter of the Foundation, the highest management authority of the Foundation is its Council.

Members of the Council

Chairman of the Council is Soldatov Alexey

A. Soldatov was born in Moscow. Upon graduation from Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute in 1974, А. Soldatov worked at Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy. In 1986 Soldatov took his doctor’s degree.

In 1974 to 2008 Alexey Soldatov worked at Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy (Kurchatov Institute since 1992) holding a position of Junior Research Fellow to Deputy Director for Information Technologies.

In 1995—1998 Soldatov was an adviser of General Manager of the President’s Federal Agency for Government Communications and Information. In 2008—2010 А. Soldatov held a position of Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media of the RF. Under supervision of А. Soldatov it was developed and implemented a concept aimed to introduce a heterogeneous environment of global information interaction — the Internet which was used as a basis to build the largest in the former USSR telecommunication network, Relcom, as well as scientific and educational network, RBNet. Results of these works gained currency in Russia and abroad, and lead to explosive growth of the Internet technology in Russia.

A. Soldatov made a great contribution to organization of an information interaction system in the field of science, development of telecommunication infrastructure of the Russia research network, as well as its integration into global scientific and research networks (GLORIAD and GEANT projects). А. Soldatov initiated establishment of a Scientific and Education Organization — RELARN uniting users of computer networks of research centers, institutes, higher and secondary education organizations, as well as Е-ARENA Association uniting the largest networks for science and higher school, and Russian Institute for Public Networks (RosNIIROS).

Under supervision of A. Soldatov certified systems of information security have been developed and launched, international acknowledged Public Center of Internet Security (RU-CERT) has been created and functions in Russia. Since November 2010 А. Soldatov is Vice-Rector of the Moscow State University. Since 2012 he is a Rector’s adviser, manager of Information Technology Department.

Member of the Council — Shkittin Alexey

General Manager of Relcom Group PJSC

Member of the Council — Ganev Mikhail

General Manager of R-Alpha Lab LLC