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On possibility of registration of multilingual domain names in SUšdomain (13:27 10-04-2008)
Supervising Council of the Foundation for Internet Development decided to cancel restrictions on registration of domains with xn-- prefix in SU domain starting from Aprilš28,š2008.   More..

Workshop «Open Architecture in software and global communications» (01:22 13-06-2007)
On May, 31 has been held a special meeting «Open Architecture in software and global communications».   More..

Workshop «Open Architecture in software and global communications» (00:38 05-06-2007)
On May 31 at 16.00 in the “Kurchatovsky” Cultural Centre building within the framework of workshop is taking place a special meeting «Open Architecture in software and global communications». All interested are welcome!   More..

Updates (00:37 04-06-2007)
More links on WEB 2.0 are available now at Library section.   More..

“Projects” Updated (00:38 10-05-2007)
See in Projects the materials of the Round table discussion on “Internet and consciousness”.   More..

Discussion at ICANN website about SU. domain ended (08:37 13-02-2007)

Report on the competition (20:34 02-02-2007)
We have announced a report on the competition “The best school website” run by the Foundation of Internet Development together with the American Charity Organization United Way International   More..

Internet viewed by school children Our project "Internet viewed by school children". Interactions among pears in school are not limited to the school process and informal contacts of the mates. Today school children with growing interest refer to the Internet, looking for either information or communication and entertainment etc. According to the national project "Education" all schools will be connected to the fast Internet soon. Alongside with that it's been actively discussed all the security matters of Internet when referred to school children. What school children themselves think about the Internet? What would they like it to be? How the Net should be optimized in order to make it convenient and secure for children of school age? The range of research works, competitions and education programs will be devoted to these issues within the project "Internet viewed by school children".

The Museum of the Internet History The Project - The Museum of the Internet History is an attempt to overview the world and Russian Internet in its' historical development from the first days of its appearance. Museum's virtual halls and displays tell about the founders of the Internet, its development stages and the most significant events in it. In the Museum you can find a lot of different pieces: maps, pictures, documents and other materials which illustrate the history of the Net. Even Founding Fathers of the Russian Internet-segment, who were interviewed by the Foundation members, introduce for the Museum some interesting data.

In it's present format the Section appeared at in the middle of December 2005.

The main activity directions are presented the following:

  • Science, society and government
  • Front edge and traditions of Russian and world science
  • Educational base of science
  • High technologies

Competition "Domain Grammar" Competition "Domain Grammar". The Competition was taking place during the whole year. The participants - school teachers and college tutors from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Saratov, Magnitogorsk, Novocherkassk and other places - submitted to the jury's approval their education programs on the principles of Internet address system for school and college students. They tried in their projects to show in a comprehensible and interesting way what the domain names system is, the organizations which rule the Internet infrastructure, and the top-level domains and their assignment.

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